LC Theory, our vision...

In the production of cross-platform applications, it is important to know and mastering the whole process to increase sharing development,
and therefore costs. We invite you to discover, with this website, the technology we use and the products we develop.
Our mastering of cross-platfoms technologies with high value graphics engineering will give you the entire satisfaction for your projects, wether mobile, desktop applications or web applications. Present in several sectors, we also develop modules for the popular Unity 3D Game Engine. These plugins allow you to improve the user exeprience on your application with a low cost.


The beginning of a new age!!!
That's it!!! LC Theory launches its activity and new website. You will discover soon the first Unity Plugins, including a simple functionnality to improve Android interface with the addition of native dialogs. Application a bit special is also being developed. Come back soon to see all these products, and visit our website pending...